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By Lenoir Brewer


Have you ever been at the theatre and leaned over to your friend and whispered, “How did they do THAT?”   Well I’m going to let you in on a little secret concerning the magic of the theatre.  The amazing feats of singing, dancing, acting, directing, music, sound, lighting, costuming, set design, set building, painting, set moving, pyrotechnics,  exploding, shooting, falling, flying, dying, living and loving are all achieved by mere mortals!  (Let’s keep that our little secret.)


It is true that Theatre a La Carte is blessed with some very amazing artists who have become experts in the above-mentioned aspects of show business, but there is always room for more people, just like you.  Among our family of artists, we have enjoyed the company of lawyers, doctors, computer technicians, students, mothers, fathers, kids, grandmothers, grandfathers, librarians, teachers, secretaries, state employees, business owners, and many others who share the common goal of putting a quality production on the stage in Tallahassee.


All of this magic requires lots of people working together.  Is there an aspect of theatre in which you have ever been interested?  Every new production brings new challenges; maybe you have the solutions within you.   Do you sing in the shower and think, “Man, if only people could hear me!”?  Do you know how to use an electric drill, but have run out of things to practice on at home? Can you sew on a button? Do you love to shop at antique stores, but have no personal need for an antique baby carriage? Have you always wanted to blow stuff up, but have been asked by your family to cut it out?  Do you play a musical instrument, but your house isn’t big enough to form your own orchestra?  Are you interested in finding a whole plethora of new friends of all ages who can’t wait to see you? Maybe you know very little about theatre, and are just curious to see how things work backstage.  Trust me when I tell you that there is definitely a need and a place for you at the theatre.


People who love the theatre are some of the nicest people you’ll ever want to know.  We have found here at Theatre A La Carte that once a person realizes how much fun it is to work together putting on a show, they keep coming back for more.  Our family grows every year, but we are not complete without you.  Maybe this is the time for you to give the theatre a try; we would certainly enjoy having you with us.  Just think, next time you hear someone whisper “How did they do THAT?” you could tell them how you did it.  Or you could tell them it’s just theatre magic.


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